Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fifth week of Lent

At mass today the reading before the homily started was John 11 with Martha, Mary and Jesus.  Lazarus had been laid to rest four days ago and then he emerges from the tomb wearing burial garb. Today the priest ruminated on the natures of the two women: Martha, a person of action and Mary, not so much. This led him to mention an old tradition within the community of nuns. Apparently it's not very common now but back in the day nuns identified as either a "Mary" who devotedly prays and a "Martha" who is practical and does the work as well taking care of those of  the "Mary" while they are often lost in prayer.

Never heard of that before but I guess it still exists in some form. Here's comment from a few years ago from this blog post

We need to let go of the "Mary or Martha" concepts in our lives and begin to live with the love of Sisters in Christ. He has given us the ability to choose both! Living in the "&" gives us a daily stress-free life, full of love, faith, forgiveness, compassion, strength and most of all for me...peace. In our busy, routine days and struggles we go through, if we remember to walk in the "&", we will be able to receive the blessings and goodness the Lord has planned for us!

So, are you Martha or a Mary or both?

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