Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A rose by any other name...

Reading David Oshinsky's book about the history of Bellvue hospital. Near the beginning there is a quick summation:
Bel-Vue, a few miles from New York, on the East River is now considered by the people at large as A House of Death," wrote a popular pamphleteer. "So odious is the idea of being put there as to lessen one's chance of recover." Almshouse, pesthouse, death house -- these are the indelible roots of Bellevue Hospital, thrust deep in the bedrock of America's fastest-growing city.

This was at a time when most people went their whole lives without ever seeing a doctor of any description; their whole lives... get it?

Someone needs to trademark all these wonderful hospital names: Almshouse, pesthouse, death-house

People are dying to get in!!

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